HUDEX Hungarian Derivative Energy Exchange

HUDEX Publications according to Art. 332 (1) of the Capital Act

Operating License  

     HUDEX Energy Exchange operating license


Authorization for the establishment

   HUDEX Energy Exchange authorization for the establishment


Beginning of the operation of the regulated market  



Non Trading Days

According to the Trading Calendar  

   Power segment   I       Gas segment


Shareholders of HUDEX their names and percentage of shares

Founder and only Shareholder: HUPX Hungarian Power Exchange Company Limited by Shares,


Members of the management body  

Board of Directors: Tóth Péter, Vass Attila Tibor, Kovács Kornél

Supervisory Board: Csomai Kamilla, Módos László, Istvánffy György



Audited annual report approved by the only Shareholder and the auditor’s report

only in Hungarian


Incorporation into the company registry  

   HUDEX Energy Exchange Ltd. incorporation into the company registry


Statutes of HUDEX

   Statutes of HUDEX


Changes in the data registered in the company registry




 Outsourced contracts of HUDEX Energy Exchange Ltd.


Judicial supervisory action