HUDEX Hungarian Derivative Energy Exchange

Trading day: 31.07.2020

Contract Settlement price (EUR/MWh)
BL Sep-20 41.23
BL Q4-20 45.31
BL YR-21 49.53

Trading day: 31.07.2020

Contract Settlement price (EUR/MWh)
BoM 4 Aug-20 8.58
Sep-20 10.44
Oct-20 12.31
Nov-20 14.11
Q4-20 13.17
Q1-21 13.19
Q2-21 12.85
Q3-21 12.91
Winter-20 13.18
Summer-21 12.88
Winter-21 15.10
Y-2021 13.85
Y-2022 15.17

HUPX celebrates 10-year anniversary

HUPX Hungarian Power Exchange Ltd., the operator of the organized Hungarian spot power market, the founding company of HUDEX celebrates its 10th anniversary on 20th of July 2020.

HUDEX introduces new discounts for OTC trades

HUDEX is constantly working on further increasing market liquidity on both its power and natural gas futures markets and providing better services for its partners. Since the majority of Hungarian power futures deals is traded in the form of over-the-counter (OTC) transactions, HUDEX decided to introduce new discount offers from June 1, 2020 for both brokers and traders trading on its market.

HUDEX Energy Exchange Ltd.’s operation ensured in the current pandemic situation

HUDEX Energy Exchange Ltd. as a member of HUPX Group, ensures smooth operation during the pandemic situation.

Griffin Markets Limited registered for HUDEX OTC clearing as an OTC broker

HUDEX Hungarian Derivative Exhange welcomes Griffin Markets Limited as an OTC broker registered for HUDEX OTC clearing.