HUDEX Hungarian Derivative Energy Exchange

Trading day: 17.10.2019

Contract Settlement price (EUR/MWh)
BL Nov-19 60.09
BL Q1-20 65.70
BL YR-20 60.55

Trading day: 17.10.2019

Contract Settlement price (EUR/MWh)
BoM 21 Oct-19 12.28
Nov-19 18.57
Dec-19 17.64
Jan-20 20.08
Q1-20 20.13
Q2-20 21.83
Q3-20 19.56
Q4-20 21.21
Summer-20 20.69
Winter-20 20.78
Summer-21 21.56
Y-2020 20.68
Y-2021 21.94

New products on HUDEX gas segment

On the 1st of October 2019, new products will be introduced on HUDEX gas segment. The new developments will include Balance of Month (BoM), Seasonal and Yearly products.

HUPX Group Partner Party

On 20 September 2019 in line with its traditions HUPX Group held its annual partner party.

HUPX Group Workshop: Developments on the Hungarian Power and Gas Markets

On the 20th of September HUPX Group successfully organised its annual workshop to showcase its achievements and inform its partners about the latest market trends and opportunities on the Hungarian power and gas markets.

New Market Maker on HUDEX power segment

A new Market Maker started its operation on HUDEX Derivative Energy Exchange’s power segment as of 15 June 2019.