HUDEX Hungarian Derivative Energy Exchange

Hungarian Gas Trade Ltd became Market Maker on HUDEX Gas Segment


The Hungarian Gas Trade Ltd. signed a Market Maker Agreement with HUDEX Derivative Energy Exchange on 26 October 2018.

MFGK - member of the largest Hungarian energy group, the MVM Group - has been a trading participant on HUDEX since the exchange started its operation on 3 January 2018.

Since a market maker endeavors to set bid and ask orders on each trading day, HUDEX is convinced that the new market maker will contribute to boost liquidity and increase trading activity at the Gas Futures Market.

The company is continuously working on increasing its liquidity by further optimising its services and attracting key players.  By supporting HUDEX with providing competitive market prices, MFGK will largely contribute to the company’s strategic goal to develop a natural gas derivative market on a regional level.