HUDEX Hungarian Derivative Energy Exchange


 Fees and discounts of HUDEX

Fixed Fees
Entrance fee -
Annual fee* 3 000 €*
System fee** 9 000 €**
Additional user fee 4 200 €
Additional portfolio fee -
Read only user fee 4 200 €
Transaction fees 
Transaction fee power products  (Initiator) -
Transaction fee power products (Aggressor) 0,025 € /MWh
Transaction fee for Virtual Trading Point Gas 0,003 € /MWh/h
OTC transaction fee power and gas  0,01 € /MWh
Delivery fee for power products (to be paid for HUPX) 0,02 € /MWh
* If the member is admitted to HUDEX, 3000 € discount is applied to HUPX and CEEGEX annual fee
** If the Member is admitted to CEEGEX, the Trading System Fee for HUDEX is 0 €
For HUDEX Members Trading System Fee includes: One (1) user for Trayport GlobalVision and for the physical delivery two (2) HUPX DAM ETS Delivery Portfolio (for weekly and monthly products)